Tuesday, January 16, 2007

You Gotta Be Kidding

Boy wonder. Read my post below because it explains why your damn team is so infuriating to watch. I could've taken a nap and not missed anything after the first period.


Peter said...

Remain calm Derek. Everything will be OK. I have called a Waaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhmbulance and it will be at your house soon!

The Devils just play smart hockey. It is only "boring" if you are rooting for the other team. Nothing is more exciting than victory. And look when you play Colton Orr you don't deserve to win.

Anonymous said...

Haha...it's nice to know someone cares. I must've struck a nerve. Good.

It takes an awful lot for a fan of a particular team to admit that sometimes, their style isn't the most entertaining to watch. Last night's game was an example of that for the reasons I supplied already in a previous entry.

If you want to wear rose colored shades and drink all the Kool Aid that Lou serves, go right ahead. But there's a reason why they don't do as well as they could. If you believe it's going to be different next year, I think you might be in for a rude awakening.

I am buddies with a Devil fan who resides out West and just started a blog the other day on them. And he wrote a very well thought out entry about some of the things they haven't done well as an organization. I think you can figure out what they are.

Finally, to your remark on Orr, that's classic considering your team employs Cam Janssen. Is it any coincidence that the Devils are playing better hockey without him? I don't think so.

Thank you for your feedback. Looks like I am not the one who needs a Waaaaaaaaaaahhhhmbulance.


Peter said...

Don't do as well as they could? They have what 7 division titles, 4 conference titles and 3 Cups in the last 11 years? That is pretty good.

If you meant draw as well as they could who cares? That argument is like people who bash the Yankees payroll. Do teams get more points in the standings for having a low payroll or big crowds? Nope.

I enjoy watching the Devils attempt to play perfect hockey. I understand that not everyone does. After all there is no accounting for taste. If there was then SportsNight would still be on the air. I find it amusing when people cannot appreciate the brilliance of Devils hockey. As Bobby Holik once famously said "We are not here to entertain, we are here to win". And teams win games by limiting mistakes. The big plays that get people excited - the pitcher who hangs a slider (which is then blasted 450 feet for a HR), the corner back who blows his coverage (which allows for a 90 yard catch and run for a TD), the defenseman who pinches (which turns into an odd man rush the other way) - are mistakes that limit victories. Watching a team decrease those mistakes to increase their chances of winning is fascinating. The skill and focus that they have to have is amazing.
If you can't see that and all you want is constant end to end rushes there is always the NBA.

I didn't mean anything by my Colton Orr crack. Just that is useless. He is not a particularly good defensive player, he lacks any offensive skill, he isn't even a big time hitter. He is just a fighter plain and simple and today's NHL that is not enough. Cam Janssen at least brought energy to his shifts. If the Rangers want to give someone like that one of their valuable roster spots more power to them! I'd like to see them dress 23 Colton Orrs

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