Saturday, January 13, 2007

NBC: Not Bad, C-word I can't think of but isn't the one your thinking of, or then again, maybe there's two words your thinking of when I say C-word...

Anyway, NBC did a pretty good job. The only blunder was really the Rags-Bruins HD Feed which, while better than the FSN HD feeds - where the sound fades in and out - just had terrible sound in the first few minutes, and really kept me from watching most of the rest of the game.

Good to see Jed Ortmeyer get one though.

Derek will forever hate NBC for the fact that they cut off their Finals coverage in the middle of the skateround after the Canes won it.

Their LA-STL broadcast was really good. They had JD in the middle. It was free food day, and Jay-Dizzle served some of it up. 6-5, Yutaka Fukufuji did not look out of place in his first NHL game, and the LA defense revved it up to make sure it went that way. Lee Stempniak's quickly becoming one of my favorites, the kid outta Dartmouth can flat-out play.

Didn't see as much of PHI-PIT as of LA-STL, but Eddie O. is quite useless when you have Doc and Pierre. Really for that team, they should use Doc and Pierre, and have Edzo in the studio, or use him in some other capacity.

Onto the Devs...

58 Minutes of nothing. That takes care of most of it.

Late 3rd. Madden moves in with Brylin, Brylin tries to get to the front, is hooked off by one Isles D-man, who blocks the other one from getting to MadDog, who rips it to the shelf to make it 1-0 Devils with about 80 seconds left.

Isles come back with about a half-second to go. Raffy to the box (Sidebar: Why is Raffy going to Dallas?!?!?!?! Of all the Devils tat could've gone, Gio, Elias, well...that's kinda it, but still Raffy! Raffy!) and Satan is wide open in front, in fact two are open in front. You know why? BECAUSE COLIN WHITE AND PAUL MARTIN SUCK!

Anyway, OT. Bruno Gervais pinches in and pinches a loaf on this one. Gets a sweet feed across and fans. Elias and Gomer go up ice. Gomer passes to Elias, back to Gomer who Deposits behind DiPi and the Devils get the extra point by a final score of 2-1.

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