Monday, July 2, 2007

Load of Signings

-Calgary Signs Owen Nolan, 1 Year
-Anaheim Signs Todd Bertuzzi, 2 Years
-Nashville Signs Radek Bonk, Greg De Vries, both 2 Years
-Los Angeles strikes again, signing Kyle Calder for 2 Years
-Smolinski to the Habs, 1 Year, 2 Million

What do you all think?


MaverikAC said...

As a Duck fan, I'm not liking that we are paying Bertuzzi four million a year AT ALL.
Others are happy and others hate it as well.
He didn't do too well last year. In fact, with the Detroit Red Wings in the WCF, I remember a play where he passed it right to Corey Perry and Perry ended up scoring right off that. I'm sure that's not the first or last time I'll see that.

Bleh. I would have been happy with Dainius Zubrus.

Another instance of an FA getting overpaid. SPLENDID.

strongisland said...

I think that the Isles have missed the boat. We have almost 25M in unspent cap space and we have not picked up anyone. I think that once a big name guy since with us and can preach stability then we will progress. I wouldn't mind Peca coming back with zubrus and souray. Then we would have a solid core and can compete. I do think we should bring Sean Hill back, and sign Trent Hunter for a Wang-style 30 year deal.

Stevens8204 said...

Apparently Hill is on the verge of signing with the Wild....the Isles may have missed the boat but why overpay to all hell. There is going to be a huge problem in the league that Bettman won't be able to solve...and the next CBA will be more contentious than any previously thought.

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