Sunday, January 28, 2007

Brett Hull

I saw what he said and pretty much had the same reaction. If the Rangers had a better D, I might agree. But when you look at some of Renney's line combos, it's basically begging to trade for a real No.2 center. The problem is Forsberg would cost a lot in terms of prospects and maybe picks. Considering all the injury history and the question marks surrounding his status this summer, it makes little sense to deal for him. I've said it before. But the solution must come from Hartford. Daniel Girardi was a start on the backline yesterday. What does AHL All Star and Pack leading scorer Ryan Callahan (29 goals encounting after a hat trick in an OT win last night) have to do get another shot?

So, if you're the Devils and you don't score a lot of goals, who scares you the most as a potential first round match-up?

A.Tampa Bay

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