Tuesday, January 16, 2007

Bored To Death By Perfectionist Devils

That sums it up. Steve will log on later and go ga ga over Brodeur's "one big save" in the third on Straka. But let's be honest about that chance. He directed it right into him. Did the Rangers get any clean shots in the slot during this boring predictable game? Not one! How many wide open looks did the Devils get? Oh. I'd say at least half of their 30 plus were great chances. And that right there is the difference.

Another thing. You're telling me the freaking Devils didn't take one penalty in this game? They played well but come on. Andy Greene anyone? They're disciplined but I am tired of hearing Sam Rosen and Joe Micheletti sing the praises about it. The NHL loves this team. That becomes obvious when you see how many less times this team has been shorthanded. Go ahead and debate it bud. But the Devils can get away with more stuff than any other team because of their squeaky clean reputation. It definitely helps.

Do I believe the Blueshirts would've scored one if they had been lucky enough to get a power play? No. Why? Cause they're too damn predictable and the Devils PK is no picnic either. In fact, I'd say it was better that they got their chances in the third at even strength. Tom Renney tried the best he could to doubleshift Jagr and play him with other guys. But it didn't matter. It never does.

I still can't fathom how Joe M referred to this as another classic. It was far from it. There were two reasons it was close:

1.The Devils were stoned by Lundqvist and also missed some shots.
2.The Devils did what they always do with a lead after two periods. Sat back. That's why the Rangers had the puck more and even got some shots.

The stat sheet will say Brodeur made 27 or 28 stops for his league-leading eighth blanking of the season. But it honestly felt like 10 or 11. That's how easy his team makes it for him. You can never get to a rebound. And you sure as hell can't get a clean chance. That's my only argument against Brodeur being "the best goalie ever" which some Devil fans will go on to proclaim after he shatters every record. He's a great goalie but he's also played on a team that plays disciplined and is always together. Just look at how many times the Devil forwards backcheck or the defensemen are in the right position to block a shot or get in the path of a pass. And you will almost never have a free chance in front of Brodeur because unlike most teams, they make you pay the price.

So go ahead when he destroys Sawchuk and Roy's records in this new NHL which isn't quite as offensive as the NHL hierarchy would have believed. If you want to say he is, just remember that he never played with small goalie equipment or in an era when the goalie was at the shooter's mercy which makes Sawchuk's 103 shutouts that more impressive. Even if Brodeur had come up in the 80's when Roy did, he wouldn't have been able to put up the record breaking numbers he is. The truth is we'll never know where he ranks among the all-time greats. But he'll be in there. It will make for a good old fashioned debate at a bar as we get older.

Finally, need proof from a Devils perspective that this wasn't a great game to watch. My buddy Kraze chimed in with this:

KrAzE96 [10:08 PM]: That was a really bad game to watch
Kovy274Hart [10:08 PM]: it was
Kovy274Hart [10:08 PM]: i really was poed
KrAzE96 [10:08 PM]: I could've turned off the "volume" and still gotten the same effect
KrAzE96 [10:09 PM]: I kept switching between that and american idol :-\

And that right there is the proof that there was little entertainment value during this rivalry game. Oh god. Only another three to go. When it's over, I will be relieved.

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