Saturday, January 27, 2007

Devils in Florida

The Devils take on the enigmatic Florida Panthers tonight after that 2-0 win over the Lightning, didn't see much because of a party. I apologize Derek, I know we hockey nerds aren't supposed to have lives ;-).

I say the Devils will have a big win tonight against Olli and the Cats. Maybe a break-out game for a guy like Travis Zajac.

3 on NBC tomorrow. Colorado-Detroit is somehow airing on Channel 4. Really? With Philly-Atlanta on too? I guess the Flyers are that bad. Anyway, for Center Icers, Doc, Edzo and Pierre have COL-DET, Strader, Hayward and Micheletti have Dallas at Anaheim, and Cuthbert, McNab and Pang have Philthy-Atlanta.

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