Sunday, January 21, 2007

Back From AC

I just got back from AC. It was an up and down weekend but was still very exciting. Much more than the predictable lackluster play from the Rangers in yet another home defeat this time to Atlanta 3-1 Saturday to fittingly enter the All Star break out of the playoffs. The Pens now have the same amount of points and have played less games than either the Blueshirts or Maple Leafs. Good. I want it to go to a hungry team that deserves to be there. Not some underachieving bunch of Eurowusses.

Honestly, I'd rather miss the playoffs at this juncture than see this misplaced bunch get their asses handed to them for a second consecutive Spring cause that's exactly what's going to happen if they somehow get in.

To the talk about the Peter Forsberg rumors where if NHL Siberia doesn't get him re-signed before the deadline, he's a goner. What the heck are you going to give up for a fragile hockey player who can't be depended on? So the Rangers are one of six suitors. How much does Foppa have left? I am not overpaying.

There are 34 games left until this team misses the postseason for the eighth time in the last nine seasons. Unless something drastic is done, that's exactly how it will play out.

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