Thursday, January 25, 2007

NY Hockey Report All Star Archive

Last night's show featured myself along with cohost Gary Harding and a "special guest" who's become a familiar lightning rod on our show. Can anyone say violins?

In all seriousness, it was a good show in which we brokedown the 55th NHL All Star Game which took place at American Airlines Center in Dallas. We tried to keep up with the goals in the West's 12-9 victory. The action was fast and furious as I mentioned in my previous All Star post. If the league was looking for good entertainment value, they got it. Along with the running dialogue between Dallas netminder Marty Turco and commentators Doc Emrick and Ed Olczyk, it made for a fun watch. Btw...based on Turco's third period of work, I'd have given him the MVP over Eastern choice Daniel Briere. But maybe it would've been viewed as a hometown favoritism. Oh well.

In any event, also part of our show in the second segment was special guest Bob Gallerstein, who is in his second season as the New Jersey Devils PA announcer. The broadcasting extraordinaire detailed his background with us and was a solid interview.

Also covered in this show were our Midseason Awards along with some other wacky stuff .

There are a couple of options for catching last night's show archive.

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We appreciate your support of the show and hope to always hear back from you on what can be done better. What would you like to see? More guests? A caller segment? More crazy production? My Tom Poti All Star campaign voice becoming a regular part of the show?

Want to find out what's coming up? Just check out out site:

Hope you puck fans have enjoyed the break! I know I did.

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Anonymous said...

A caller segment would be great. I enjoy the show from so far away I can't even throw an airplane there. Seriously, thanks for the plug....the people at our forum greatly appreciated it and already it is delivering results. The show always brings it and so does our forum...even if it does get a bit hot.

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