Friday, January 26, 2007

Interesting Stuff

As the league restarts tonight after almost a week off to celebrate the 55th All Star Game in Dallas, one of Versus' novel ideas which made the game fun to watch was their interactive goalie mic. As I noted the other night, hearing Marty Turco make some funny remarks while play was going on was great stuff.

Both myself and Sports Fan Mag's Greg Wyshynski agreed that the concept should be used more during regular season games. Imagine hearing what a netminder had to say after being run into or after giving up a goal they feel they should've stopped, etc. Wyshynski had an article which went into more detail about why it should be looked into along with some other All Star Game commentary:

It's a great read. And like Greg, one of the things I couldn't understand while I was doing my show was what the hell Chuck Norris was doing on my TV while play was going on. Who cares about whatever new lame show he has debuting. Remember when Conan used to show those silly lines from Walker, Texas Ranger? Point being the former Missing In Action star is more washed up than Jeremy Roenick!

As good as the goalie mics and rail cam were, there were still some things which boggled my mind. Like during the Skills Competition when they failed to put up a freaking clock while the Fastest Skater was taking place. Why not? I mean it shouldn't be that freaking hard. Instead, viewers just watched and had to determine if Patrick Marleau was beaten out by Andy McDonald. This from the same network which has those silly popup promo ads which go across the bottom of the screen while play is going on.

Also, I know they love to show different looks as these guys make their individual moves. But at one point, a camera switched to the other end of the ice where nothing was going on. Meaning they actually missed a couple of shots. That's inexcusable.

I also thought the postgame wrap sucked. Who was it again? Bill Clement, Brian Engblom, Keith Jones and special guest Mark Messier. Did I miss anyone Steve? Anyway, they spoke for about 2-3 minutes and then signed off the air for whatever nature and valley program they had coming up which has nothing to do with hockey. How nice. What. They couldn't have stayed a little longer? Good god. Everyone thought the NHL moving from the Total Sports and Entertainment Network would be so great. Turns out it isn't. Even when it's supposed to be the centerpiece, it's crapped on.

Makes you really wonder wtf is going on.

And while we're back in hockey mode, so I see the Rangers put defenseman Darius Kasparaitis on waivers. He cleared yesterday. His $2.9 million salary must've factored in as well as the conclusion that he just didn't have much left. In a shocker, they recalled 22 year-old defenseman Daniel Girardi. The question is will he make his NHL debut tomorrow in Philly. And if he does, who will be scratched? Thomas Pock? It's just typical. Everyone knows the odd man out should be the worst defenseman to ever lace up the skates as a Blueshirt, Karel Rachunek. But will the coach actually do it? Of course not.

Now keep in mind also that Renney and staff took in Pack practices all week. And here is a disturbing quote from him about why nobody else was recalled courtesy of an article NY SportsDay's own Joe McDonald wrote:

“And it was a worthwhile trip. We're content with any number of people down there -- there are some kids there in a position to play here and help us. But at this point in time the numbers don't allow that to happen. We have to make some type of provision for that to happen. Whether or not we're able to do that should we choose to, that remains to be seen.”

Typical. They'd rather stick with what they have because of the salaries commited than take a chance of one of their offensively challenged bit forwards having to pass thru waivers. Who has more upside people? Jason Krog or Nigel Dawes? Marcel Hossa or Ryan Callahan? Ryan Hollweg or Dane Byers? Jason Ward or Jarkko Immonen? It's not that these guys don't try hard. They do. But on a team that clearly relies too much on their top four forwards, don't they need to try some other guys out and see if they can actually improve the offensive balance? And that's just what is so frustrating about this team. They are afraid of their shadows. Other teams have guts. I really am at a loss for words.

Hope ya'll enjoy the first batch of games tonight as the stretch drive begins!

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Brian said...

Good stuff Kovy...hey a win is a win...and since the Rangers need all the points they can take it any which way you can

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