Monday, January 22, 2007

Why John Buccigross Rules...

I asked him if Gordon Downie of the Tragically Hip was a Bruins (because of godfather Harry Sinden) or Leafs fan (because from T.O. and band members/close friends leaf fans) yesterday and THIS was his answer:

"Not sure! Will investigate..."

Nicest guy in sports showbiz.

I notice EVERYONE I've ever met or even spoken to online from the world of hockey (Doc, Bucci, JP Delacamera, Darren Eliot, Chico Resch to guys like Derek and Rob and Greg Wyshynski) is incredibly cool and nice. Are football, baseball and hoops writers dicks to 17 year olds who wanna get in the business? Maybe not, but still, it's very nice that over 15 writers from around the league were willing to contribute to "10 Questions with...", which will return after the All-Star break (HINT: Someone from's writing staff).

Anywho, so the uni-release '07 turned out to be a big nothing, mostly because we didn't see what THE ACTUAL TEAMS JERSEYS FOR NEXT YEAR will look like. But here's an experience I had from ordering an authentic USA Jersey from the '06 Olympics (#14, Gionta on the back of course). It felt like I was wearing those Under-Armour shirts, but a much thicker version of it. It might be better to play in, but not to wear. Then again, the jerseys are made for the players, NOT for the fans, so there you go.

So I returned it, and what am I getting instead? Colorado Rockies royal Blue (#1, Resch on the back).

Skills Comp. (Marty, Raffy, Shanny, Straka, J.Blake for the East) and YoungStars (THE ZACH featured for the East) at 7:30 PM on VERSUS. Should run 'till 'bout 10 PM on the East Coast. Emrick and Olczyk will call it, with Clement, Jonesy and Engblom in the studio, and Harwood and Simpson reporting from ice-level. I dislike the lack of chemistry Doc and Edzo have, so maybe something fun like this will help develop it. Calling fun games like this probably help Doc and JD develop chemistry, so maybe this will do it as well for Eddie O. I still think Daryl "Razor" Reaugh (Read his blog if your sick of this one) would be Emrick's perfect match, but Edzo's fairly young, decent-looking, clean-cut and knows hockey, so he makes sense next to the 60-year old Doc. Whom I must say, from photos and video of him in the '80's and '90's, has aged much better now.

On an annoying note, a basketball game is pre-empting the airing of the HD feed on inHD until 11PM. Garr, I wan't Rail-Cam in HD now!

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