Tuesday, January 16, 2007


This might be one of the most dull games ever. There is nothing going on. And why? Why do you think? It has to do with the damn Devils and their vaunted system which the Rangers have no clue how to break. The score should be about 3-0 after two periods. That's how dominate the Swamp Rats have been in this one. Brodeur made his two big saves in the first robbing Shanahan and Betts. That's been it. It's mostly been all Black and Red. They get all the quality chances and force Lundqvist to make difficult stops. They have caught the Blueshirts flat on changes and in the neutral zone and are generating many chances. It's amazing it's not a blowout.

I am resigned to the fact that they will lose to a god damn machine. And then Steve will probably post how great Brodeur was in the third period as his team sat back. Bro. Let's be honest. This is just brutal to watch. Sorry man. I am expecting a vintage third period.

Can't someone beat this team?

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