Sunday, January 21, 2007

My Own Guarantee Plus Some Suggestions

Steve, if the Rangers actually do that, I guarantee I will stop being a Ranger fan. I am already down on how this organization is run. They're one dumb move away from losing any credibility they established last year.

I am glad that Brendan Shanahan basically called out Jaromir Jagr for how predictable their pass-first power play is, indicating that it was easy to defend and only averages a shot every 30 seconds. Jagr is everything wrong with this team. He's a quitter. You know it. I know it. Everyone does. The apologists can make any excuse they want about his shoulder or his groin or his hip or whatever the problem is. He's failed miserably as team captain and is not a leader. The players who show up every night are Shanahan, Martin Straka and Jed Ortmeyer.

They want to restore some momentum. Recall Nigel Dawes and give him real minutes playing on the second line with Shanahan and Matt Cullen. Stop looking to the outside for help when it will only result in overpayment. Pick 12 forwards and come up with four lines that you can play every game without changing 5 minutes into a period, guaranteeing that there will be zero chemistry.

Just wondering. But what's the latest on the who Pittsburgh arena deal? Will the Penguins be saved?

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