Saturday, January 27, 2007

Funny Video Time

Okay. So I can imagine Steve either doesn't feel like posting about how in the world the Devils lost at Florida or maybe he's out partying again. Get your groove on kid!

I'm not going to bother with too many details except for one thing. How the hell did Joel Kwiatkowski get the game winner? Sorry man. Well if I were in your shoes, I might have a few drinks after that too. All kidding aside, you can't win every night. And besides, you got the Atlantic wrapped up. So at worst, you're a 3 seed. But the way Buffalo's going, who knows?

Which makes me wonder what the heck is going on with the Sabres? They lost again this time to the Islanders in Uniondale, blowing a 3-2 lead and falling 5-3. Clearly, Lindy Ruff's bunch is going through a bad patch right now. And the defense has been weakened by the noticeable absence of the steady Henrik Tallinder. It's little coincidence that Buffalo is giving up more goals with him out. His presence is sorely missed. I know this streak is killing my Sabres buddy Brian out in Anaheim. Hang in there man.

Basically, all the bottom teams competing for the eighth seed won. So the Rangers were unable to pickup any ground.

And with it pretty much being a wasted night, I found a classic video on You Tube which amused me before. I think it's the perfect cure for Steve or any upset fan who needs a good laugh. I love comedy and I'm sure you'll love this classic mock video of "Barbie Girl" too. Here was a reaction from my Devil buddy Kraze before.

Kovy274Hart [11:35 PM]: no reaction?
KrAzE96 [11:35 PM]: wtf
KrAzE96 [11:35 PM]: is that
Kovy274Hart [11:35 PM]: this video is hilarious
KrAzE96 [11:35 PM]: lmao
Kovy274Hart [11:35 PM]: tell me something that right there was more exciting than either of our hockey teams' games
KrAzE96 [11:35 PM]: well at least your team didnt lose to the panthers

And with that, here is the hilarious video. I promise it's worth the watch:

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