Friday, January 19, 2007

NY Hockey Report Archive

If you missed our show the other night, you missed some fireworks between myself and host Joe McDonald in the final seg. The hot topic was what else but the Rangers inability as an organization to give prospects a fair shake. I believe they don't do enough to put some of these guys (Immonen, Dawes, Callahan, etc) in the best possible situation. Joe took the other side. It definitely was heated from about the 45th minute to the buzzer!

Aside from that, I flew solo the first two segs as our other cohost Gary Harding was out sick and Patrick Hickey Jr was unavailable. So I discussed the Devils win over the Rangers along with the Isles' troubles along with the crazy Eastern playoff race, etc.

This was a really good show to do. I hope ya'll check it out. And that also includes some of my critics out there who were upset with what I had to say after the 1-0 defeat. Well take a listen to what I had to say about your team and your goalie:

Link up and check us out. I'd love to hear back from some of you diehard puck fans out there. I also want to apologize for not getting to some of my All Star topics and other stuff for the final seg due to Joe's arrival. I promise that we'll try to get that in there during next Wednesday's show.


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