Thursday, January 18, 2007

Not Bad

That All Star jersey looks pretty good on Sid The Kid Steve. But I definitely still prefer the old classic jersey from the early 90's. I think the best ones were around '94 to '97. They just were really cool. Maybe it's cause I liked the colors better.

I don't have time to find an image now as I got some stuff to tend to. But maybe later I will just so you can see.

I noticed that you listed the AS Game for next Wednesday on Versus. And that right there is the dilemma for this league. Versus by all accounts is the official NHL network. The problem is that not everyone either gets it or can find it. Now just imagine for a second a primetime event featuring all our biggest stars but being aired on national TV on NBC. Just think about how much better this kind of national exposure would be for a league which hasn't exactly lit the world on fire since returning. Picture it. People watching our best players and noticing how great these guys are. Think that wouldn't draw new fans?

While you have time to think about it, I'll just post a couple of quick thoughts regarding a couple of hot topics:

1.The Rangers are kidding themselves if they believe the answer is on their roster. Jason freaking Krog won't solve the lack of scoring balance. Neither will any chaotic line combination Tom Renney tries. His worst move had to be putting Petr Prucha on the fourth line with Ryan Hollweg and Colton Orr. Why do I suddenly feel like I'm in a time machine? Hello McFly! Think! I argued with Joe McDonald in the final segment of our NY Hockey Report about the Rangers mishandling of prospects such as Nigel Dawes, Jarkko Immonen, Ryan Callahan, etc. He basically concluded that either they're not ready or not that good. But how will we really know if the organization continues to barely give them a shot? And by that I mean freaking 7-8 minutes of ice-time won't cut it. The lack of scoring from the third and fourth lines has been well documented. The biggest problem as I see it is they went into this season with too many vets taking up spots. They have too many salaries committed and their hands are tied. I blame the organization. They're all talk. Just once I'd like to see them back up what they say about turning to Hartford if things don't improve. If that means missing the postseason, I'm all for it. I don't want to see them swept out again in embarassing fashion. It's time for them to wake up!

2.There was a lot of talk about what I said here apparently in regards to the Devils. I'm not changing my tune. There was little entertainment value in that game. If not for my brother, I'd have turned it off. A couple of coaches in our area have referred to playing them like a game of chess. That's not exactly a ringing endorsement. Look. There's nothing wrong with how the Devils play. They play a very strict system and are well schooled defensively. They capitalize on mistakes. When you combine how they play and toss in the best goalie in the game Martin Brodeur, it makes playing them miserable. When Brodeur basically admitted in the postgame the other night that his team allows him to see every shot, he knew. It definitely helps. It doesn't take away from the MVP season he's putting together. If the season ended today, I'd vote for him over Sidney Crosby. This isn't about me being anti-Devil. If a player on their team performs, I give them credit. Naturally though, I dislike the Devils with a passion. To be honest, I am sick and tired of losing to them. It would just be nice if one day the Rangers turned the tables on them. But I don't see it happening anytime soon. That's where the frustration comes from.

And with that, I'll see ya'll later.

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