Saturday, January 13, 2007

A Different Vantage Point On Last Night's Game

I'm going to have disagree with you on Brodeur being the best player last night. Sure, his team won and he allowed one goal but he didn't really face many shots or quality chances and was kind of fortunate that a Kovalchuk shot deflected off the crossbar or it's a different game. On the other hand, Kari Lehtonen made a lot of big stops in that game last night. If not for a silly penalty by Holik, I don't think the Devils beat the second-year Finn as he was really on which Chico Resch eluded to during the telecast.

The lack of discipline by Atlanta cost them the game as well as a lack of aggressiveness. To be honest, it made for a very boring game as Atlanta played tenatively throughout and didn't attack much with the lead. Maybe that's cause they hadn't won lately. But with the weapons they have, you'd think they'd show more desperation. In the end, a flukey bounce wound up being the difference as the puck took a weird hop to Brylin, who made it two PP goals in 27 seconds for the victorious Devs.

And yes, I knew there was no way Atlanta was tying it. What does that say? I'll leave it for you to decide.

Finally, I felt that Gionta was your best forward and worked well with Gomez and Elias, who each had strong games. That line was going all night. If I were to choose three stars, I'd go:

3rd Star-Brylin
2nd Star-Gionta
1st Star-Lehtonen

So what were the three stars?

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