Tuesday, January 16, 2007

Rangers Set To Do Battle In Swamp

They're close to dropping the puck out in The Swamp where the Rangers and Devils will meet for the second consecutive time out there. For some inexplicable reason known only to the moronic NHL powers to be who continue to screw over teams by messing up calls, the two Hudson rivals played the first three at MSG and now will play the next four at CAA before the final meeting in Manhattan.

About as crazy a schedule as it gets. Hard to believe the last meeting will be before February gives way to March, meaning they won't see each other the last 6-7 weeks of the regular season. Just atrocious. Speaking of atrocious, last night's meeting between Original Six rivals Detroit and Montreal which was won by the Wings in Hockey Town was their first in three years. And that in a nutshell is this new NHL. So how do you fix it? I wish I knew.

Speaking of crazy, Tom Renney's lines scream loss tonight:


What in the heck are three of these lines going to accomplish and why is Prucha being wasted on the stonehands fourth line? Yikes.

Just from watching the MSG pregame show, it didn't take long for me to get sick when Sam Rosen interviewed Jaromir Jagr about his "shadow" Jay Pandolfo. I am expecting a history making event to take place tonight in the form of this:

Oh. It will happen because they're the freaking Devils! And boy am I expecting little. So as faceoff gets set, why is Jason Ward the odd man out? Just wondering.

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