Sunday, January 28, 2007

Brett Hull is a Moron, Part 2

How about "Hully's" insinuation that Brendan Shanahan has been begging for a center all season (like Peter Forsberg)? Brendan Shanahan could use 4 or 5 defensemen before he could use a center. I'm all for Hull speaking his mind, but Ferraro or Clement needs to call him on it when he says something stupid. Peter Forsberg would NOT make the Rangers a Stanley Cup winner because playoff games are not won by a count of 7-6.

Otherwise, Emrick-Olczyk-McGuire got chemistry pretty quick eh? Paul Kukla agreed with me that they are already tops. JD who? The difference between Edzo and JD is that Edzo seems willing to argue with Pierre a little bit. This announcing team has now become quotable.

Eddie: "It's not about the stick, it's the guy holding the stick".
Pierre: "You're turning into your friend Mike Keenan".

Doc: "Datsyuk was unable to get by, must be the stick."

If NBC could add 5 or 6 more games to it's schedule, it could really run on all cyllinders. The program will not run for more than 3 weeks straight this season. These guys won't build chemistry if they don't see eachother. It's like when CBS has the MLB game of the week in the early 90's. They have to add some games. It's better than ABC, who never aired more than 5 in a season, but not quite what we need just yet.

Rangers at Boston on Versus on Monday at 7. Also available on Versus HD. Doc and Edzo calling it again? I sure hope so.

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