Saturday, March 31, 2007

This Just In

At 9:01 P.M. EST, the New York Islanders 2006-07 season was declared dead.

That is all.

Local Hockey Tripleheader (Sort of) tomorrow:

12:00 NHL On NBC Countdown to Faceoff (
12:30 Detroit vs. Columbus (NBC-HD)
3:00 Devils Gamenight (FSN NY)
3:30 Boston vs. Devils (FSN NY/inHD)
6:00 I don't know, order a pizza?
6:30 Rangers Gamenight (MSG)
7:00 Rangers vs. Toronto (MSG)

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Stevens8204 said...

The paddles came out but the Isles medical staff realized it wasn't in the budget. They tried to make a decision what to do but Wang was at a golf tournament and by the time they got a hold of was too late...the Isles season had died.

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