Tuesday, March 13, 2007

Too Funny

If you haven't read this, here's your chance:

NHL To Be On Food Network

Some high's:

In all my years as commissioner, I have learned that our diverse group of fans and players all enjoy food of some sort. Italian, French, barbecue, quick-and-easy 30-minute meals—you name it, one or more of them eat it," said Bettman,

French host Hiroyuki Sakai will join play-by-play announcer Mike"Doc" Emrick and analyst Brian Engblom to form a new lead announcingteam for all Food Network games. "This partnership has been a long timecoming. If the Food Network would have been around in 1991, we wouldhave left ESPN in a heartbeat."

Though she stated that she didn't want to give anything away, Johnson said that the network's first hockey-related profile will focus on Sidney Crosby eating veal and creamed spinach prepared by Roker On The Road host Al Roker.

Read the entire Onion article via the above link. The sad aspect is this spoof is actually a much better option than Versus. Hahahahahaha.

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