Saturday, March 3, 2007

More On Cam's Hit

From watching various replays courtesy of YouTube, Janssen caught Kaberle a couple of seconds after he released the puck. I'm going to correct something I previously concluded from one replay. He didn't leave his feet. But it was pretty close. The biggest issue aside from the fact it was late was whether or not it was a shoulder or an elbow. It's hard to decipher.

If you want, judge for yourself:

Janssen unpenalized late hit on Kaberle

Fyi...reading some of the reaction, it's hard for anyone to conclude that Janssen did nothing wrong here. I think by his reaction afterwards, he knew he delivered it late and was concerned about the end result. I have to believe the Leafs will send the tape to the league and have them review it for possible fine/suspension.

What can be concluded was that this wasn't a blatant cheapshot like the one Ottawa's Chris Neil delivered to Buffalo's Chris Drury last week which resulted in a concussion. That was even worse and from the blind side.

Either way, the rematch between the Devils and Leafs takes place in 18 days and should be intriguing.

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