Sunday, March 11, 2007

I don't Know...

Doc was a bit off his game tonight. But still, would you rather hear Doc call tomorrows game, or Dave Strader, like you'll be forced to.

Would you rather have heard RJ's call of that goal?

We all know Doc probably bleeds red and black as much as us, but at least he makes an effort. When we play you, he's very fair, considering the blowjob Chico often gives the Rangers.

Somehow Boston-Detroit is GotW and Canes-Rangers isn't. Same thing next NBC time. March 25th - Boston-Pitt over Rags-Isles.

And by the way, I didn't mean he was supposed to fight with Laraque. I'm just sayin, it's curious that the one man with an actual reason to beat the living snot out of Avery rendered him ineffective this afternoon.

What is with your aggrivation over the Isles-Caps game dude? It just seemed kind of odd how mad you were about it.

I rarely work out personal issues on this, but where have you been man, we haven't talked into ages.

Batman's gone missing. And this blog turned into a message board.

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