Sunday, March 4, 2007

Devils-Boston Tonight

7PM on FSN & inHD and WFAN and the whole schmere.

Did anyone else not receive an HD feed for Pens-Flyers today? E-mail me, maybe we can figure out what happened.

Hopefully, we beat at least Arena Football and maybe Kentucky-Florida in the ratings. The AFL game was an awful one (60-7? Are the Dragons that bad? Are Golic and Greenberg that unentertaining? Answers: Yes.), and the Kentucky-FLA game wasn't close, so maybe our game, added to the golf audience, got a bump from that.

NBC continues to give us good coverage, while not going crazy on the extracurriculars.

Devils should win tonight. It will be fun to see Gio come back and go against Chara. Always a fun battle.

QUOTE OF THE DAY: Marty Biron, on-ice mic'd up, to Sidney Crosby 'I don't whine.'

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