Saturday, March 10, 2007

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Avery is a hockey player unlike Cam Janssen. Was he out of line the other night? Sure. But that's Avery. He obviously felt Janssen's hit should've earned a heavier suspension. I've seen plenty of people including yourself turning the other cheek and acting like he didn't deserve any time off. The three games seemed okay in my book.

And also, Avery's role isn't to battle the best heavyweight in the league. It's to be a pest, much like ex-Devil Claude Lemieux. You remember him, don't you? The biggest agitator there was and a freaking pain in the ass. To be honest, Lemieux was a jerkoff and never went out of his way to throw a cheapshot. So I don't want to hear it. That guy helped your team win two Cups. But I guess because you had him it was okay.

Speaking of which, Doc Emrick is getting on my nerves in this game. He's not being as professional tonight, using the silly tired complaint about "the trap," and not sounding all too enthusiastic on Briere's goal before but exploding during Rafalski's shorthander and the other two. Who says Doc doesn't have a bit of homerism in him? Every announcer does. He's still great though. Chico Resch on the other hand...

Hallelujah...the Crapitals scored one at the Isles. Is there a more gutless team than this one? They are tanking.

Buffalo's D just sucks in this one. The injuries have caught up. Darcy Regier didn't do enough at the deadline and it might wind up costing them. They don't look like worldbeaters anymore.


SueNJ97 said...

I've used the comparison between Claude Lemieux and Sean Avery before elsewehere but only for the on-ice agitation aspects of it. Why? Because...first, where you compare Avery to Janssen and see a much better hockey player in Avery, I see a much better hockey player in Lemieux. While Avery is spending time on the first and second lines in NY, and it may raise his numbers somewhat, he'll never be what Claude Lemieux once was, which was a legitmate 2nd line scoring threat who scored over 40 once, scored 39 once and scored 25 or more goals 6 times in his career. And this is someone who tended to, well, take the regular season off. He retired with 80 playoff goals, 8th all-time at that point. Admittedly, that meant he had to play on teams that usually made it there, but there was a reason they wanted him. He showed up for the post-season.

And, in general, while Claude was a pain-in-the butt on the ice (and, as we saw with the hit Draper, sometimes went over the line), he tended to leave it on the ice and not comment about someone personally off it. His interviews, unless I am remembering this incorrectly, were not the Sean Avery type. Quite frankly, he knew better. But this may just be a generation difference, Avery is a full "hockey generation" younger and may not feel the need to simply shut up.

Bob McKenzie's Head said...

What is the hate on Doc Emerick? So what if he got excited on a huge Rafalski goal and wasn't that excited on a Sabres' goal? This was a Devils broadcast, wasn't it?


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