Sunday, March 4, 2007

Is JD the Best?

Is John Davidson the best national TV analyst ever? His work in Game 7 of last year's finals showed it.

I will say that it didn't seem as if his heart was in it during some of his OLN or NBC games last year. But Lord, was he a wonderful analyst. EASILY, the best hockey analyst ever. No one has been able to do it better.

When you watched a game on National TV, and you had Emrick and Davidson calling it, you knew what you were getting. Two passionate men who truly believed that they were blessed to be doing what they were doing, and it showed. They worked very well together. But JD and Sam, that's just legendary.

We miss you JD. Even in Jersey. You never treated us like 2nd class citizens on all the Devs-Rangers telecasts before they started using both channels for games. You never shortchanged the Devs on national TV or local TV. And JD, did it ever take balls of thunder to not only attempt to run a team, but an awful one at that.

I only hope Doc is calling the St. Louis Blues winning a Stanley Cup Championship on TV, and Sam Rosen doing it on radio, soon. It would just be right.

Thanks a lot JD.

That said, as I've stated before, The NHL On NBC motors on with out JD this weekend. Emrick, Olczyk and McGuire are calling COL-DET. Unfortunately for us here in NBC4 territory, we will sit through yet another Penguin pecking of Philly. Dave Strader, Peter McNab (ugh) and Joe Micheletti have the call. Countdown to faceoff at 12 on, gametime 12:30 on NBC. Enjoy! And see you tomorrow nite for Devs-Boston.

Mmmm...10 Dollar seats at the Rock.

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