Saturday, March 24, 2007

A Rather Large Win

Jersey Jim Dowd ladies and gentleman. What a goal that second strike was! Fakes the shot then slips it around the Eagle for the goal.

Dowd gets two to go along with David Clarkson's one. Parise and Zajac score in the shootout, Marty gets two outta three and the Devils get a big two points.

Here's what the Top of the East looks like:

1. BUF - 103 PTS, 7 Games Left
2. NJ - 96 PTS, 7 Games Left
3. ATL - 88 PTS, 6 Games Left
4. OTT - 98 PTS, 6 Games Left
5. PIT - 94 PTS, 7 Games Left

By the way, an absolutely atrocious broadcast from FSN today. Terrible camera angle, Steve and Chico were repetitive, off the mark, made mistakes and the audio was poor as well.

Around the League tonight:

-It sucks to be an Isle fan. Big win over Philly, and Toronto, Carolina, Montreal and the Rags ALL WIN.

-Ottawa wins big as Tampa chokes on a chance to lead the Southeast, 7-2.

-Minnesota now leads the Northwest, they beat LA 4-1.

Let's look at the monster mash in the East:

6. TB, 86 PTS, 6 Games Left
7. NYR, 85 PTS, 7 Games Left
8. CAR, 84 PTS, 7 Games Left
9. MTL, 84 PTS, 6 Games Left
10. NYI, 83 PTS, 8 Games Left
11. TOR, 82 PTS, 7 Games Left

Rangers-Islanders in what I think will be the game of the year on NBC4 tomorrow. NBC disagrees with me, because no one outside of NY State and Northern NJ can watch it. Dave Strader, Brian Hayward, Joe Micheletti have the call.

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