Tuesday, March 20, 2007

HELP!! The Isles Are Falling

I've taken my meds and moved back from the ledge. But I can't promise I won't jump. WHAT THE HECK HAPPENED TO THE ISLES????? I'm sitting here after the first period of tonight's game against Tampa. The Isles look horrible. Slow, malaised, not hitting anything. No offense. The puck in the Isles' zone the entire period. Shorthanded four times.

Right about now, I'm starting to regret the Zhitnik trade. Meyer and Campoli are like two munchkins trying to stop Lecavalier and company. DP has looked pretty good, but bends over between plays and doesn't look well to me. I seems as if the rest of the league has figured out the Isles. Throw the puck in and cycle, cycle, cycle. With their small D, the puck never leaves the zone. In the last few losses, the Isles at least looked determined. Tonight they look resigned to losing. It is disgusting to watch.

If the Isles lose tonight and I am Nolan, I bring up Tambellini and Nielsen and sit some asses down from here on in. At least those two give you energy. Ugghh. I know I didn't post this weekend but I was too depressed to pump out a column. Well, back to the action - I'll post more later.


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