Saturday, March 3, 2007

Rangers Win

Good comeback from the Rags today, taking it in the skills comp. 3-2. Solid team effort on JD day.

JD's hair is so freakin' gray lol! He stopped dying it now that he doesn't have to be on TV anymore.

Jagr again, non-existant for much of the game. Good defensive work in the OT, but they need more from Yammy.

Richter should be a color guy if he loses his political run. Good, American guy who can speak our language.

Islanders invade the Capital tonight at 7 on FSN.

Just some notes for Steve from the horse's mouth:

-I was equally shocked that they rallied from two down to tie and win. Maybe that's the winning formula they need since they never seem to protect a lead.

-Jagr wasn't great again today despite what Renney said. But when the team needed someone to extend that shootout, No.68 pulled off a world class move reminiscent of Peter Forsberg, Henrik Zetterberg and Jussi Jokinen by going to the backhand to stuff it in. It allowed Marcel Hossa to win his third shootout with the same move he pulled on Martin Brodeur back in January.

-For as brutal a goal as he gave up, Stephen Valiquette steadied as the game moved along and made the necessary saves to give the club a boost in his first start of the season. When he denied Glen Metropolit with the glove, the 29 year-old veteran backup had his first NHL win since 2004. He gave the weary Henrik Lundqvist a much needed day off after the Swedish gold medallist made the previous 19 starts in a row.

-Despite a feel good comeback win which wouldn't have been possible without the grunt work of Sean Avery and yes, Karel Rachunek, Tom Renney's decision not to give Petr Prucha one overtime shift was baffling. Why not try him with Hossa? They're only the two hardest working Euro's on the team.

-Equally as mind boggling is how Hossa, who had scored seven in his last 10 on the top line suddenly was replaced by Brad Isbister and moved down to play with Jarkko Immonen and Prucha. How can Renney justify that? Nothing against Izzy, who worked hard and generated a decent wraparound chance in OT. But when you have Hossa going so well with Jagr, you don't go away from it. Some of the coach's decisions this year have been abominable.

-Michael Nylander just sucked today. Twice he had open nets including one minute into OT and didn't finish. No.92 already drives fans nuts with his dipsy doos Ice Capades routine and overpassing. If he wants to continue that, he should try out for Ice Dancing instead. It might be a good career switch!

-The next 4 Ranger games are a home-and-home with the Islanders, at Pittsburgh and a home game versus Carolina. That in a nutshell will determine if this fragile club has a run in them.

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