Sunday, April 1, 2007

Devils Go two in a row

Winning another 3-1 game. Pando gets two (!) and Gio returns and gets goal #25. Gomer and Janssen sit out. Soreness? Chyea, from riding the pine 55 minutes a night maybe.

Finally, Devils fans have found a guy to resoundly boo every time he's out on the ice, as they did so to Zdeno Chara. Avery and Chara may be P.E. #'s 1 & 2 at the Meadowlands.

Interesting stuff from Rich Chere. Vanderbeek denying reports that the Devs will go to the Meadowlands if The Rock is not ready. He says, again and again, that it will be.

Sure hope so.

Basically, the Rangers have 3 teams' playoff hopes in their hands tonight. If Toronto wins tonight, for all intents and purposes, that is IT for the Hurricanes, Islanders and Panthers.

Florida leads Carolina 3-1. Both teams would have 84PTS and 3 to go were that to remain. Plus 1 more meeting.

Isles with 4 to go and 84 PTS. A Maple Leaf loss would give hope. And right now, that's all they can have. Reasonably, they'd have to win all 4 games, hope the Canadiens lose to the Bruins and Rangers this week, hope the Leafs lose to the Rags and Flyers. Then they'd have to beat the Leafs on Thursday. Then they'd have to continue to win, and hope they get a 2-pt win from the victor of the Leafs-Habs on Saturday night.

Basically, the Isles have to win out and hope the Canadiens 4 PTS in their 3 final games, and hope the Leafs can't muster 5 in their last 4. When realistically, one of them will at-least get two head-to-head.

Good luck.

Rags-Leafs tonight at 7 on MSG and inHD.

We reach Day 5 of the Nobody Posts but Steve-a-thon.

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