Monday, March 5, 2007

Around the NHL

Enjoy my take on the Rangers, Center Ice, NBC, Simon Gagne, and the Cam Janssen hit (grr)

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Temujin said...

You've gotta know who's on the ice, and what you're gonna do after you make that pass. Shame on the NHL for giving in to the Toronto media and the soccer moms by giving Janssen a suspension.

It's two minutes for boarding and nothing else.

Excepting of course, the two minutes for the elbow to the head that wasn't called.
Oh, and the deliberate attempt to injure. Think that's worth a ten minute misconduct at the very least. :-)

Did you see Janssen's reaction after he hit Kaberle? He first looked directly at the official because he knew he'd be going to the box. He secondly looked directly at the Leafs players on the ice, because he knew he was going to get clocked in retaliation. Of course, neither of those things happened.

The point is, they were both the looks of a guilty man!

I'm really hoping that Janssen is a scratch for the upcoming game against the Leafs in Toronto. This is another Bertuzzi-style incident waiting to happen.

Kovy274Hart said...

Bud, you know I respect your opinions on the game. And you have a pretty good future ahead of ya. But in this instance, you're wrong. Janssen's hit was late and he knew it. Just watch his reaction.

What I admire most about Cam is he agreed with the penalty and even admitted it should've been called.

I understand that hitting is what he brings to the table. But in this instance, he caught Kaberle late. If you want to blame this on Kaberle not having his head up, that's only part of it. Janssen came late. It happens. It's happened with Hollweg too. That's the kind of players they are. They'll go out of their way to finish a check. And sometimes, it's going to be a penalty.

I think I would've taken a stance against the league for being hypocrites. Did they even suspend Neil for what he did to Drury?

And we both know they didn't penalize Ovechkin for his cheapshot on Briere or vice versa after the retaliation. If they want to legislate fairly, don't hold doublestandards screwing over guys like Janssen and Orr. That means holding your superstars accountable for their actions.

That's where the blame goes. They're hypocrites.

P.S. Nice info on NBC for the playoffs. Good stuff!

Keep up the good work. ;)

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