Saturday, March 10, 2007


1:00 Rangers at Penguins
If Rags Win: They Keep pace with Carolina and Toronto, whom they have games in hand on.
If Pens Win: They hold off Tampa Bay and have a chance at moving to 4th if Ottawa loses.

1:00 Bruins at Flyers
If BOS Wins: They have a prayer again. Simple as that.
If PHI Wins: Meh, no one cares.

7:00 Devs at Sabres
If NJ Wins: 1 point away from top-seeded Buffalo.
If BUF Wins: a 5 point lead on NJ and 2 games in hand.

7:00 Sens at Leafs
If OTT Wins: They stay in 4th place.
If TOR Wins: They keep pace with the Rags and Canes.

7:00 Caps at Isles
If WSH Wins: Those "Thank You Garth" chants subside.
If NYI Wins: Stay ahead of the pack of hungry dogs chasing them, move closer to Tampa and even Pittsburgh.

7:30 Thrashers at Panthers
If ATL Wins: They keep at least 2 points on TB in the SE.
If FLA Wins: As with the Bruins, they keep a prayer.

8:00 Habs at Blues
If MTL Wins: They keep hope alive, but need A LOT of help.
If STL Wins: Nothing really.

10:00 Lightning at Flames
If TB Wins: They can tie Atlanta in the SE again.
If CGY Wins: They can go as high as 5th by the end of the nigh, as low as eighth.

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