Thursday, March 8, 2007

Hitting Back

Looking for more sports insight. Then Hitting Back is for you. We cover all sports and other interesting topics.

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And while we're on cool places to visit, please make sure to check out NY Sports Scene. It's run by NYSD's own Joe McDonald. My buddy and co-host of the NY Hockey Report is the new managing editor of a magazine which runs features on star athletes in the metro area. In the current issue which is out, they ran features on Devils' goalie Martin Brodeur, Rangers' bad boy Sean Avery plus Mets and Yanks Spring Training reports along with an engaging interview with ex-Pens GM Craig Patrick on the 1980 Olympic team. Also included was some boxing and New York's first lacrosse team the Titans. To subscribe online, please go to:

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Stevens8204 said...

Yeah something hit computer did....I am reduced to my slow old arse laptop for a couple weeks till I get a shiny new computer. Hope the NYHR was a good one.

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