Friday, March 16, 2007

Inside Hell - 3/16/07

...David Clarkson is just another brick in the wall. He was all over the place during Thursday night's game. It certainly left me impressed. It's a shame that Lou's going to waste money on Gomez when he has hungry players like Clarkson and the lesser-used Rod Pelley on the farm and, from the looks of it, ready to go. Now, I'll give it more than one game on the two, but still, it's so impressive to see how this team develops more unhearalded projects than anyone else in professional sports, let alone hockey.

...That said, Wednesday night's game was absolutely appaling, even from my seat in row 12 of Section 220 of The Swamp. The best skater on the ice was Eric Rasmussen, which student's of forshadowing should take note of. It is amazing how this team manages to get up for road games against the best, yet often times come out flat - and sometimes win such games - at home. It's partially due, probably, to the crowds at the Meadowlands but still, it's Crosby, Malkin and the Pens, there's no reason to not be amped for it.

...Will Brian Gionta be back for the playoffs? Now, I'm not comparing his injury to Scott Stevens' concussion, by any means. But still, could this be something that hampers Gio for the rest of the year, leading to will-he wont-he speculation from us all? I certainly hope not. Gionta is key to this team, especially since our 2nd line is so young. Gionta will be a key factor in getting consistent scoring come April.

...Great quote from TSN's Glen Healy during last night's Devils-Canes game: "Where have all the Huricanes forwards been. I've been talking more about David Clarkson than Staal, Brind'Amour and Cole combined".

...If any team should celebrate St. Patrick's day, it's the Devils. I always felt that those old red and green jerseys were more St. Patrick's Day themed than Christmas tree themed. Frankly, I think selling green beer for a dollar at tomorrow's game vs. the Hurricanes (1:00 PM, FSNY) would bring attendence up to a respectable level. Actually, selling any beer, or food, or you know, just something for a dollar, anything, and we might be able to draw a couple hundred more to the Mess that Xanadu built, can't we?

...The Devils have only one more game on national TV, against the Islanders on March 27th (7:30 PM, VERSUS). We were scheduled to have two more, against the Bruins on April 1st (12:30 PM, NBC), and hosting the Isles in the season finale April 8th (1:00 PM, NBC), but those two games were moved to 3:30 PM on FSNY due to NBC hating us. Instead, the NY-Metro Area will see Detroit-Columbus on 4/1, and Buffalo-Philadelphia on 4/8. Riveting. Other than filling up the annoying wait time until 3:30 PM games, this will mean nothing. Boo to NBC for slashing two games that will matter, for two that won't simple as that.

Of course, this quote from Doc Emrick will leave you with hope for the future:

"If the Devils advance to the 3rd and 4th round, NBC will have no choice."

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