Saturday, March 10, 2007


I wonder why Sean "Meathead" Avery was so quiet today.

Hmm...still afraid of Big Georgey Laraque Sean??? Pfft.

Pens come back to win 3-2 in OT. Crosby gets Point 100 on a marvelous goal where he batted the puck down out of mid-air and on to his stick into the net.

Devils take on the Sabres tonight. Brad Lukowich says he is going to play no matter what. Luko, never my favorite, is certainly endearing himself to Devil fans, including this one. Of course this begs the question: Since Luko's OK, does that make what Colby Armstrong did OK?

Anyway, Luko a definite, White and Gio are maybe's, and Cam the Great is freed from injustice and returns to the lineup tonight.

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