Sunday, February 4, 2007

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Yes, it's Super Bowl Sunday finally. But in our world, we don't really care about all that ridiculous overhype for the Lombardi Trophy, which should be changed to the Circus Trophy considering how nuts it's gotten. I recall a time when the game used to mean something to diehard gridiron fans. I remember going over my Uncle's to watch on a big screen with lots of good food, the usual pool and lots of fans. And maybe that still goes on. But let's face it. It's not the same anymore. Kind of reminds me of another sport. The biggest game of the year has become secondary to the outlandish over the top commercials and pregame shows which last longer than the actual game. I no longer watch that stuff because with two weeks of build up, what the heck is the point? Can't they just play already? It's unbelievable that they need two weeks to play this game. This is supposed to be football. A week off should be plenty for these warriors.

Anyway, enough about that. I'll just get to my game breakdown and selection. I'm taking Da Bears to pull the upset of the century. Well according to all the idiots out there, only one team is playing tonight down in Miami. But if you take off the Colts/Peyton colored glasses off for a good minute, that Chicago team who won the NFC isn't exactly bad. They have won 15 games and lost just three mostly because their D is the best in the NFL and their run attack of Thomas Jones and Cedric Benson can control the clock. Just look what they did to the vaunted Saints offense. And believe me, they have as many weapons as the Colts. Do you really believe in your heart of hearts that Joseph Addai and Dominik Rhodes will be able to run on that Bear D the way they rampaged the Pats? I don't. The Bear D line is too quick. There will be few holes. This will force Mr. NFL Spokesman (commercial after commercial) to have to pass more. Sure, he's one of the all-time great quarterbacks and delivers the ball quickly and with tremendous accuracy. But if he has no run game, it won't be easy against that D. I think Brian Urlacher will have a huge game and disrupt the Colts offense. I also think Marvin Harrison, the most overrated top receiver in league history will crow like a little girl when he's blanketed by the Bears' secondary. So that leaves Reggie Wayne and the underrated Dallas Clark. Newsflash: they won't be so wide open against Chicago.

Aside from all that, a lot has been made of Rex Grossman. I admit he's one of the worst QBs to ever play in the big game. But it won't matter. I believe Lovie Smith will outfox Tony Dungy in the first ever all black coached game if you didn't know by now. And the plan will be simple: A page out of the Giants' book against the Bills, a similar explosive offense. Control the line of scrimmage by pounding Benson and Jones. They'll control the clock and shorten up the game and keep the Colt offense off the field and out of rhythm. Take a couple of shots down the field with Grossman to keep them honest. Oh btw...for as average as he is, he throws a nice deep ball.

Here's my final score:

Da Bears Ditka-24
Colts Express- 21

To keep this a little hockey, the Isles and Caps are tied at one in the third while the red hot Pens lead Montreal 2-1 in the second in the only two games today. Good thing they were matinees.

Couple of other things. This coming from today's Larry Brooks' Slap Shots:

Gary Bettman, of whom the outside world finally took disapproving notice this week (the outside world being years behind Slap Shots), continues to defend the NHL's deal with Versus by stating that the network treats the league with far more respect than previous rights-holder ESPN. And the nodding heads surrounding him who hear and see no evil, nod.

Perhaps one day the commissioner actually would like to explain how Versus treats the NHL with more respect than ESPN. Perhaps the commissioner might like to explain why Versus doesn't have a nightly one-hour NHL highlights show, or a nightly one-hour panel show devoted to the NHL.

Perhaps one day the commissioner would like to explain why Versus does not present a half-hour pregame show. Perhaps one day the commissioner would like to present his definition of respect.

Game. Set. Match.

Our Quote of the Day comes courtesty of Montreal veteran defenseman and alternate captain Craig Rivet on the four minors assessed to his team in the rematch against Pittsburgh after the first period:

"You can't complain about calls but I don't agree with a lot of the calls I see today."

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