Tuesday, February 20, 2007

Nice Job Dolan Plus Some Keys To Tonight

NOTE: Tonight's game will be telecast on MSG2. For MSG2 channel listings, see:
http://www.nyoverflow.com/a.html. Due to Time Warner Cable policy, the MSG2 broadcast is not available to Time Warner subscribers who receive Devils broadcasts on FSNY, which is also airing tonight's game.

And that right there is why I loathe Jim Dolan. This guy is just a creep. Go play your harmonica and take your jazz elsewhere!

Now I have to put up with Chico Resch. Get ready for some Chico Resch-isms during a crucial game between the Rangers and Devils at The Swamp:

"Doc, look at that play by MARTY!!!!! NOBODY DOES THAT BETTER! NOB----ODDY!!!!!!!"

"Oh my! What a play by Zach Pariseeeeeeeeeeee!!!!!!!!!!"

I just hope if Henrik makes as big a save, he goes equally as over the top. Chico isn't really as bad as some other color analysts. Sure, he can go a little overboard sometimes which is what makes him an easy target here for some good old natured fun. But truthfully, he has a lot of passion for the game and shows it. That's why despite my criticisms, I like the guy. He's a pro.

I still wish they could make this game available on MSG. But so be it. It won't have any impact on what happens.

My three keys to a Ranger victory tonight might surprise some. So let's get to it:

1.Petr Prucha must score. He hasn't had a good season. But elevated to the 2nd line, he needs to find the back of the net. Something he did last year and had some success against Brodeur. He'll be vital on the top PP unit too.

2.Marcel Hossa. Hossa is playing the best hockey of his career since being moved up to the Jagr line with Straka. Given that No.68 will have 2-3 guys on him, it should leave Hossa wide open. He must continue to shoot the puck.

3.Discipline. Obviously whenever you play the Devils, you must play smart hockey. Sean Avery must get underneath the skin of them and particularly Brodeur by distracting him. You know there are going to be some good battles in these next two games. I believe Lundqvist can match Brodeur. He's playing the best hockey of his young career. It's who gets more power plays which could determine who comes out on top.

It should be interesting to see what happens the next two games. For the Blueshirts, no matter the competition, they must get three points out of these next two contests. Both teams will most likely be shorthanded. The Rangers without Brendan Shanahan (concussion) and Marek Malik (shoulder). The Devils might be without Brian Gionta (groin) and Colin White (hand). So it evens out. It just comes down to who steps up more. Every point is huge for the Rangers in this frenetic playoff chase. It's make or break!

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