Monday, February 19, 2007

Another Club for the Rags to Worry About

Boston outplays Philly 6-3 at the ATM in Pennsylvania tonight. Boston now has 60 points, not far from the Rangers and Montreal and the logjam at 8th. They play one of the members of that logjam, Toronto, next.


Stevens8204 said...

I have my doubts with Boston...they seem to have one good average game....then 2 or 3 bad ones. Not a pattern that will ultimately get you in the playoffs....but you never know with the East.

Kovy274Hart said...

I kind of agree. The Bruins have had two good wins in a row. But can you take this team seriously when they've already sold off a couple of pieces and could sell off a couple of more?

If I were them, I'd rebuild. They're not going anywhere if they somehow get in anyway.

The D isn't good enough and Tim Thomas is too streaky.

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