Saturday, February 17, 2007

Korolyuk Situation Smells Like Spiked Kool Aid

If you know it, then you know Alexander Korolyuk went from San Jose to New Jersey along with Jim Fahey before last season to take retired defenseman Vladimir Malakhov's salary. Basically meaning that Sharks' GM Doug Wilson did Lou Lamoriello a gigantic favor so that he could comply with the salary cap and get all his RFA's signed which included Brian Gionta, Paul Martin, Erik Rasmussen and David Hale.

Fastforward four-plus months later as the Devils then turned around and shipped Korolyuk back to the Sharks for a third round pick. How the heck is this possible? How is it even plausible to get that kind of value for a guy who won't stay in the NHL and instead plays back home in Russia? Did Lou serve Wilson some extra spiked Kool Aid as part of this handshake agreement?

Whatever the circumstances, even the most diehard Devil fan has to admit something isn't right here. And it's time for the league to stop looking the other way and investigate. I don't care how much influence Lamoriello had in getting the NHL back up in 2005. There looks to be something out of the ordinary here. Either that or Wilson is the dumbest GM in the league because he got it if you catch my drift.

Could any other GM pull this circus trick off? Doubtful.

Rangers battle the Hawks today at 1 in a crucial contest for their playoff aspirations with 25 left. They trail 8th by three and 7th Carolina by four. They'll aim for their fourth in a row before tuning in later to see what happens with the Islanders and Devils at Nassau Coliseum later tonight.


pkeiper said...

What you are forgetting Derek is that Lou paid a steep price (a first round pick) to get SJ to take Malakhov. As for the current trade, Korolyuk clearly still has value for SJ and they think they can convince him to come back to the NHL.

Stevens8204 said...

San Jose thinks they can use him in a bigger trade apparently....stay tuned....the trades are going to start coming again.

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