Thursday, February 22, 2007

10 Questions With...Spector

We here at BoNY from time to time like to give you interviews with the wonderful people who cover our game. Tonight, we had the chance to do this with Lyle Richardson, whom most of you know as Spector from

Here's our "10 Questions With..." him.

SL: Forget what's been said in the rumor mills and the angry fighting in the papers, are Bill Guerin and Keith Tkachuk leaving St. Louis? Could one end up a Ranger or an Islander?

LR: I honestly don't believe the Rangers and Isles are willing to pay the asking price (young player or prospect plus first round pick) for playoff rentals. The Rangers mindset has changed in recent years so I don't see them parting with Prucha or Staal. Forget Al Montoya as I don't believe the Blues are interested in him.

SL: Can the Devils do anything at the deadline? Should they?
LR: I don't believe the Devils will do anything since their team chemistry is tight right now. Naturally, one shouldn't rule out the possibility when we're talking about Lou Lamoriello, but I don't see him wanting to tinker with his club now.

SL: Which team should probably stay where they are at the deadline and not make a move?
LR: If you're talking the Rangers, Isles, and Devils, I'd say the latter. The Isles also seem to be kicking into an extra gear of late and having just acquired Bergeron they may stand pat now.

SL: Should the Rangers be buyers or sellers at the deadline? Can they afford to be either?
LR: I think they'd like to be buyers but they're not going to sacrifice the future as in years past. I can see them making an affordable pickup by parting with a second or third round pick, but I don't expect them to land the "name" talent available.

SL: Should the Islanders be buyers at the deadline?
LR: The Isles are done now, I think.

SL: Will the Devils get rid of Richard Matvichuk at the deadline?
LR: No, I think they'll retain Matvichuk for the playoffs.

SL: Can San Jose do anything more to help out New Jersey?
LR: Nope, I think that's about it, especially with tonight's news that the Korolyuk deal was nullfied.

SL: Name one deal, NY team or not, that you think will come out of nowhere and surprise us all at the deadline...
LR: I wouldn't rule out the Hurricanes as they've got a surplus of blueliners they could shop for help at forward.

SL: Will Mike Sillinger finally be able to stay in the same city after the deadline passes?
LR: I think he's safe for this season. He won't be leaving the Island.

SL: Finally, 5 players, will they or won't they be going:

Sheldon Souray
Rob Blake
Jason Blake
Gary Roberts
Derian Hatcher

As long as the Habs remain in the playoff hunt I don't see Souray moving. Hatcher's past it and too expensive so I don't see anyone wanting him. Teams are keen for Roberts and if they're willing to give him another season at $2.2 million he'll be moved. I don't see the Isles moving Blake, and I don't see the Kings moving their Blake either.

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