Tuesday, February 20, 2007

From The Comedy Department

For any Van Halen fans wondering about whether their rumored Reunion Tour was going to be on:

Van Halen Postponed

A sampling of some of the comments:

What a sham. I told you these clowns couldn't get it together. Go crawl back under your rock, Eddie and Dave.

Michaeal Anthony must be laughing hysterically at this circus.

no tour but i'm sure they'll somehow attempt to shove the greatest hits volume 9 down our throats!

Even if the tour was on, it wouldn't last more than 2 weeks. Too many egos and Eddie is crazier than Michael Jackson these days. Still waiting on that mystery cure for cancer...

Well at least the legendary Police are still planning ahead as scheduled for a much anticipated Reunion Tour which includes dates at MSG and now Giants Stadium August 5th. Tickets for that one go on sale Monday.

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