Sunday, February 4, 2007

Rant Time

I am very frustrated right now with my team. They just don't get it and I'm not sure they ever will as long as that jackass owns them. For a decade now, my family has had a mini-plan to games and I remember when it used to be fun. Newsflash: It's not anymore. The disappointments are endless. The embarrassing losses. The years of not playing a kid enough to know whether or not they can make it for real. The discouraging ways this team has disintegrated in February and March driving their golf clubs in the process. Even last year's feel good season ended in excruciating fashion.

This year, they had these lofty goals to become a serious contender by adding Shanahan, Cullen and Ward in the offseason. On paper, it sounded good. Finally some North American grit to help out our Europeans and Jagr. But as the season wore on, anyone could see the proverbial writing on the wall. This club was still not good enough and way too soft. And with no real No.2 pivot or shutdown defenseman, opponents knew exactly how to solve the one-dimensional Rangers. Neutralize the Jagr line, play physical and go to the net.

The right ingredients have been missing all year. Now, they're probably about to make a monumental mistake which is typical of this franchise and probably trade away a couple of prospects and picks for a star player. As if that's going to change the plight of this failed season and magically turn it into a contender. To echo again what Steve concluded last week: Brett Hull is a moron! Sadly, I bet the idiot owner watched and saw what the outspoken Hall of Fame finisher said and believed it cause he still believes Isiah Thomas is a candidate for NBA Coach of the Year. And that's just part of the problem.

Want the other aspect? Here was some of my rant to one of my Devil friends about this freaking organization who always fails on promises:

Kovy274Hart [12:11 AM]: they never give kids a chance
Kovy274Hart [12:12 AM]: they never draft good enough
Kovy274Hart [12:12 AM]: Parise should be our's
Kovy274Hart [12:12 AM]: f****** idiots
Kovy274Hart [12:12 AM]: Zajac should be on our team
Kovy274Hart [12:13 AM]: but no
Kovy274Hart [12:13 AM]: they are so stupid
Kovy274Hart [12:13 AM]: everything is always a spin
Kovy274Hart [12:13 AM]: "Well he was on our radar and we liked him but so and so brings more intangibles..."
Kovy274Hart [12:13 AM]: or some other bs excuse

Aside from that, the games have become a circus reminder of what MSG has become. I don't need to see the stick kid every period or someone riding the zamboni. I didn't come for them to overpromote their Garden of Dreams PR bs or whatever shameless promotions they got. Just shut the f*** up! I am fed up with them showing features on the Rangers being used as models. They're not even models in their own damn league! Bastards. They made the playoffs one season and suddenly, they're great. Bull crap! This was the season where the test would come and guess what dumb block of an owner and Garden management: YOU FAILED!!!!!

You have lied to the fans. Want to hear how clueless they are? A diehard fan who has gone to games for years and sat in our section told us that if they made the playoffs, they were only going to offer one home game per round. One game! The nerve! That's someone as loyal as it gets who has gone for over 25 years. It's almost better they lose. This is what you get. If they get in, prices are going up and they'll probably force ticketholders to upgrade to full season pass just to get any sort of playoff rights. Sad thing is you can find tickets for almost any game. They are living a lie.

I don't think I want to go to anymore games in any future years until the management changes. I can watch at home and find other things to do.

Rant over.

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