Friday, February 23, 2007

Random Thoughts

As I get ready for some HS playoff hoops tomorrow in Park Slope at The Berkeley Carroll School, here were a few things on my mind. In no particular order:

1.Joe Sakic is the captain of the Avs and has played for one franchise his entire career leading them to two Cups ('96 & '01). The 600 goal 1500 point member is the epitome of class and never ever says anything stupid. There's a reason this classy leader is so celebrated. Now compare that to the supertalented Jaromir Jagr. A moody Czech with world class skill and also like Sakic, is a 600 goal 1500 point member. But his 2 Cups came as a teenager with Mario Lemieux in Pittsburgh and since has had his work ethic questioned along with his attitude. Just ask Caps fans about his stint there. Now Ranger fans are finding out about it. The difference between why Sakic is so liked and Jagr isn't is self explanatory. One other thing:

Sakic- 12 PPG, 32 PP points
Jagr- 4 PPG, 34 PP points

On paper it looks pretty even between the two former Hart winners who oddly enough have the same number of points (73). But one guy is shooting the puck and keeping opponents honest while the other's reluctance has really hurt his club. And if you look at the two clubs, you'll notice that Sakic has less to work with compared to Jagr. The rebuilding Avs have remained competitive while giving serious minutes to two rookies. Conversely, in Jagr's first year as captain, the Rangers have underachieved. Both will miss the playoffs but only one has been led in every sense and has more upside.

2.I'd like to praise the man who had the guts to use an actual dummy in his car to get to work earlier and take advantage of the HOV lane. This is great stuff. Yes, sure he got caught and was ticketed. But watching him and the cop interviewed on NBC news before was classic. You got to love it!

3.Check out Akon's I Wanna Love You video featuring rapper Snoop Dogg. It's pretty darn good!

4.If you love music, you'll also like the new U2 song Window In The Skies featuring past and present artists.

5.The Wild struggled for most of the first half but since star forward Marian Gaborik returned, they have risen in the standings and are battling Vancouver and Calgary for the Northwest. Here's why:

Gaborik-28 GP, 19 goals, 13 assists, 32 points, 7 PPG, 1 SHG 5 GW (still paces club)

If he ever stayed healthy, he'd be awesome.

6.Trade Update:

Pascal Dupuis- 1 goal in 5 games

Adam Hall- 2-1-3 in 6 games

7.By show of hands, who thought that the Knicks would be the more exciting team at The Garden with the more realistic chance of making the playoffs?

8.Rangers farm club Hartford exacted a little revenge on the Devils farm club Lowell with a 6-1 win in which they got the last six. Jarkko Immonen had three points while Nigel Dawes scored and Ryan Callahan tallied his team leading 32nd. Former first round pick Lauri Korpikoski chipped in with two helpers.

9.Trade Update II:

Sean Avery- 1-4-5, 21 PIM in 8 games

Jason Ward- 0-1-1 in 6 games

10.Nelly Furtado can stay on my TV anyday.


The Sports Dude said...

What a great song by U2. First time I have heard that new song and what a great video. Can't wait for the next CD.

Kovy274Hart said...

I totally agree. I'm a huge U2 fan and really enjoyed their last album How To Dismantle An Atomic Bomb. Good stuff!

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