Friday, February 23, 2007

Interesting Take On Last Night

And it comes from my brother in response to an angry Blueshirt fan who blamed the officiating for last nite's predictable choke job:

Hey, Patrick. Normally i'd agree with you about the reffing.
I could complain about the reffing, but you know what?

Did the Rangers take advantage of their opportunities last

Who was up 2-0 in the game and just eased up instead of
going for the kill?

The reffing sucked. But if was any other team up 2-0, they
wouldn't have sat back.

A caller that called into Somers last night nailed it on the
head when he said "you just knew the Devils would comeback
and win the game. You could take Nylander and Jagr, take
their style of play, their F'N circling, trade them, get
back what you can for them, and get the hell OUTTA HERE. I
feel like i'm watching the ice capades."

Get some NORTH AMERICAN players on this team in the
off-season. Take the "C" off Jagr and either give it someone
like Jed Ortmeyer, or Brendan Shanahan!!!

Obviously, i'd give it to Shanahan. I was just saying
someone like Ortmeyer.

If half of the Eurowussies played with the same DESIRE,
HEART, DESPERATION, and PASSION this kid played with, we
wouldn't be having this conversation now.

I hope the Rangers become sellers at the deadline. If they
make the playoffs, then so be it. But making the Playoffs
will probably make them think their on the right track,
which is clearly not the case.

But for now, I hope they succeed despite what I just said.

We couldn't agree more. No wonder we're brothers. Nice to see Rob back. I do have a question for you if you read this. Did you go to Vegas for the NBA All Star Weekend? If so, I am curious as to how it went considering the disturbing news which came out of there? We are glad to see you back in one piece contributing here!

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