Friday, February 23, 2007

More Reaction

From a good buddy of mine regarding Jagr:

"It is nice to see other people besides myself who feel that this guy has worn out his welcome. What he did last night is inexcusable, How can you be the Captain and not want to take part in the shootout? Did you see him on the bench? It looked like he had just run a marathon. Wiping his face, breathing heavy, he looked wiped out. I hope the fans pick up on this tomorrow night and boo his ass. As stated, there are too many soft , oh please don't hit me Europeans on this team that look up to Jagr as a god. Well folks the time has come, most of these guys want to return to the motherland when there playing days are over, I say speed up the process. Heave Ho Ship em Out!!! It is a shame for Jagr Was a great player, now he is a disgrace. There is a reason why Pittsburgh and Washington got rid of him, and now We Rangers fans know too."

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