Friday, February 23, 2007

Something Brewing on L.I.?

Hey all - Sorry for my absence but I was in Vegas baby. Let's get to it. Trade deadline on Tuesday. All sorts of possibilities for the Isles. The latest rumor, reported by Eklund, has Bill Guerin coming to the Isles. Sounds very interesting, but for what in return? I don't think Jason Blake is going anywhere, at least until summer when he can walk away. The Isles are hot, and they need Blake down the stretch. So maybe it's Nilsson. If so, I'll be interested in seeing how Nilsson pans out in the future. Apparently, Ted Nolan is not very impressed by him else we would have seen him this season.

I love the Bergeron deal. Instantly upgrades the PP, and from what I have seen in just a couple of games, Bergie is not that weak on D. Lacking in size, but fairly strong and has played well positionally. Will Grebs turn into something in EDM, we'll see, but right now, advantage, Isles. Heck, we don't even know if Grebs will come back to North America next year.

The Isles have really come on of late. No one has an easy time with them and they are learning what it's like to come from behind and win. The Isles of the past few years packed it in when down by more than one goal. This team never quits.

How about those whiny Leafs fans. On one of the boards I belong to, they are crying a river over last night's non-goal. The call was borderline. Was the leaf in the crease? Yes. Did DP keep him there a split second longer by pinning his stick between his legs? Yes, but hey, until DP grabbed the stick, he wasn't making too much of an effort to leave. And even then the Leafs were still up at the time and proceeded to crumble from then on. To hear the Leafs fans, Kerry Fraser is the only reason they lost and there is a conspiracy against the Leafs. Give me a break.

Carter to the Canes for a 5th round pick? Boy has Carter's stock fallen. But he was playing on the third line for a non playoff team. He may help the Canes a bit, but as an Islanders fan, I'm not worried about it. I think the Canes have had their moment in the sun, and will fade to non playoff status over the next two weeks.

The Rangers getting Dupuis was a nice move, but Shanny's injury will put a fork in them. The Habs seem to be hanging in there without Huet. All sorts of trade rumors from Montreal. But if Souray goes, it may hurt them big time for this season. Wouldn't mind if they traded him before tomorrow's matinee against the Isles!!

Well, the Isles' fate is in Garth's hands ( and probably Wang's hands, and Milbury's hands, and Nolan's hands, and Trots' hands, and the Zamboni driver's hands....). I just hope we don't mortgage the future just to ensure that we make the playoffs only to get eliminated in the first round. It has to be either a blockbuster deal for a star under contract for at least a couple of years, or a small deal that doesn't get rid of the kids.

Stay tuned.


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