Wednesday, February 28, 2007

Around the League

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Around The League

Looking at one set of games in particular, the Battle of the Hudson River, it's easy to see why the Rangers are struggling. It's just another episode of Jaromir being Jaromir. It's bad enough that he phones it in eight times a season whenever No. 20 in red and black lurks in the shadows. Now he has a shot to redeem himself. Go win the skills competition for us. My captain, my captain! Win us a freakin' game!

Fans in DC, is this kind of play beginning to look familiar?

Jagr is simply giving up. He sees the writing on the wall. He knows he can't lead the Rangers. Tom Renney made a huge mistake in declaring a moody, free-skating scorer his captain. It'll be Renney who likely pays the price if the Rangers fall any further this season, but can JJ be that far behind outta' town?

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