Tuesday, February 20, 2007

Some other thoughts

What will again get lost is how Henrik Lundqvist made big stop after big stop with his team down one. Early in the second, they were sloppy and gave the Devils several glorious chances. But the Swedish netminder wouldn't allow them to increase the lead. It figures that on a night where he was brilliant one of his pathetic teammates would cost him a chance at the win.

Aside from that, nice to see Colton Orr beat Janssen clean in that scrap. All in all, this was one of the better contests these two division rivals have played in years. It had everything you could want. Skating. Hitting. Goaltending. Defense. A scrap. Bitching. My team might've predictably lost but the game was entertaining and a throwback to how hockey should be played. I can only hope the same takes place Thursday even if the Rangers have once again shot themselves in the foot.

I also want to commend Petr Prucha, who btw scored on a nice tip. He came to the aid of a teammate and took Colin White away from that chaotic situation near the end of the second. That was quite impressive in my book. He's one of the few Euros who plays the game the right way. If they trade him, it would be so typical of this franchise. He's a keeper in my book.

Ditto Marcel Hossa. It's too bad he got hurt. He isn't a pansy like some of his teammates.

Next time, here's some advice to the coach:

Scratch Jagr and Rachunek for the rematch.

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