Friday, February 23, 2007

I'm Kinda Tired

But I just want to ask you something. Why was it even necessary for you to say that? Because you know the truth. Game. Set. Match. There is a double standard and that's all I'm going to say. Nothing further. Despite that, the opportunity was there. One team held a two-goal lead and couldn't deal with prosperity. They predictably choked.

You think they regret taking Hugh Jessiman over Zach Parise? Just asking. Do you get the feeling that the Devils would be nothing without that kid, Scotty Gomez and Brian Gionta? Cause the more I watched Gomez and Parise in these two games, the more I believe they're the catalysts along with Gionta. It becomes more clear that the Devils must ante up for Gomez. He was just everywhere. Speed kills.

Where was No.68 during the shootout? I have seen enough! And apparently so have other fans who called into WFAN's Steve Somers after the game and want him gone. Ship him off to Siberia for all I care. I don't want this pansy on this team anymore. He is the most gutless captain to ever lace'em up. A disgrace. And if Joe McDonald is on and defends his passionless display next Wednesday, there are going to be fireworks which will make the 4th of July seem secondary. are way off on Girardi. Since his recall, he has exceeded expectations. While it's true, he's made a couple of glaring mistakes the past couple of games, that's going to happen. It's part of the learning curve. The NHL is the best league in the world. Even Johnny Oduya struggled at adapting and he's a few years older than Girardi. I'm not overly concerned. You want bad. Karel Rachunek. Marc Staal can't get here soon enough!

It was nice to see at least one team stick up for a star up in Buffalo where they don't put up with that garbage. And yes, Chris Neil's hit was cheap even if it was a shoulder. They can spin it anyway they want. But I must admit I loved every bit of that brawl. Seeing Ray Emery grin while taking on Martin Biron and goon Andrew Peters was classic. That is hockey! And if you don't believe me, just ask my buddy Nate from Southern California who doesn't follow the sport much. He basically admitted that if more melees like that broke out, hockey would be much higher on the list here. Fights are great. Brawls are even better even if NHL commish Gary Bettman was pissing his pants probably trying to suck up to some more corporate sponsors who don't understand what this sport is about and never will.

Thanks to Ottawa and Buffalo for doing their part. The rematch is Saturday in Kanata. Oh baby! Don't dare miss it!!!!!

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Stevens8204 said...

Simply put AMEN!!! I watched that game since I dvr'd accident...since the Devils game was on the other channel. What a fight!! I was waiting for Emery to pull out a cigar!

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