Tuesday, February 27, 2007

NHL Trade Deadline Day

Already, we've seen some rumored deals finally become official today. With three plus hours to go (don't forget there always seems to be a deal around 4 ET), we're going to run an official list and update it as deals go through. Tune into Battle of NY for the latest on all the trade happenings!

Rumors: If you believe NY Post's Larry Brooks, Jaromir Jagr could be had for the right price. Don't expect it though. The Rangers would probably want somebody to pay through the roof. And considering how some have severely overpaid already for lesser players, there's almost no chance the moody Ranger captain is going anywhere. ... On the contraire, look for the Islanders to deal Jason Blake. They've been unable to reach agreement on a new contract and the Richard Zednik pickup yesterday could signal the impending free agent's departure.

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