Tuesday, February 20, 2007

Avery Quote

This was taken from an MSG interview during first intermission of tonight's heated battle:

"Marty's a whiner. Marty's a big whiner. I'm going to be in his face all night."

Slice it anyway you want. While he's no choir boy, the always controversial Sean has a point. Brodeur has always been in officials' ears about any player that comes anywhere near his crease. Sometimes, it's legit and other instances, it isn't. My take on this is that in order to score goals especially against him, attacking players have to go to the net and try screening him. If that means getting dirty, so be it. That's always a heated battle which is played between the lines. When his club tied it, Avery won that battle. When he got penalized, he lost even though he sent a message to the goalie that he's not above the law.

Marty's one of the all-time best. But he does do an awful lot of complaining to try to get calls on his side. At least now, he knows he doesn't have a free ride against our former all perimeter squad.

This should also only intensify the rematch and final meeting of the season this Thursday at MSG. Fireworks, anyone?

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Stevens8204 said...

Big time....though Lundqvist may be a bit more mindful too. Speaking of goalies....check this out...video probably will leak out from this today or tomorrow hopefully.


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